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  • Front end form submission for custom posts

    Hi I love the simplicity of this plugin and can see it's huge potential but I have a couple of ideas (at least features I'd use myself for a project I'm wanting to build) The main one being compatibility with custom forms, (Forminator Pro would be my personal preference due to its low price and simplicity but maybe others too?) . So lets say for example you want to collect data from the public for broken street furniture reporting etc they can just go to a custom form, tap where a broken bench is located or draw an area which is flooded etc this can just be done from the front end by your users which then just creates a wordpress post. Another thing I noticed is not having the ability to add multiple locations, each with choosable icons etc on same map, when you click twice the first location is removed and possibly having the ability to have locations and lines on same map would be beneficial? Also I wasn't sure if there was a way to add additional maps, I've seen more detailed maps on other websites which use mapbox but I can't see a way to chose these myself. I've attached a screenshot of a map which as far as I can tell comes from mapbox and this shows sidewalks and soft verge etc, I think if you wanted to draw a line on a sidewalk or plot a location then this shows more accuracy when necessary compared to the default maps. I can't wait to see what future updates this plugin brings, keep up the good work

    Aaron M
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  • Marker Clustering

    Hello Mapster Team, since circle clustering and icon clustering is already possible it would be fantastic to also have marker clustering as a feature available. Thank you very much for your efforts Alexander

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  • Import geoJSON with custom styling

    Let us easily import geoJSONs and allow us to style everything without having to go into individual posts!

    Victor Temprano


  • Add 3D mapping

    We want some 3D maps for globes and satellites and space!

    Victor Temprano
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